Volkswagen Introduces Car-Net to 2014 Models

Volkswagen Car-Net, a high-end in-car assistance system, will first debut on the 2014 Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, Tiguan, CC, Beetle, Beetle Convertible and Eos.

The system includes automatic crash notification, remote vehicle status and service appointment scheduling. VW said the system will be offered on “select trims” of the aforementioned vehicles.

Customers purchasing new VW models equipped with Car-Net will receive a no-charge trial for six months. After the trial period, customers can choose a number of payment options, including one year for $199 or a month-to-month subscription for $17.99. Read This Article Porsche Dealer Miami Florida

The VW system also features “last parked location,” which shows the car’s last-known parked position on a 2d map in the mobile app. Agent Destination Assist works with the car’s navigation system and allows a VW Car-Net specialist to send destinations directly to the vehicle.

“Boundary Alert” allows the car’s owner to define virtual boundaries or “geofences” on an online map. When the vehicle crosses the defined boundaries, a notification is sent by text and/or e-mail. It is said to provide “increased awareness of driver behaviors and habits,” according to VW.

Car-Net also includes roadside assistance, which can be accessed by pressing the VW Car-Net “wrench” button on the overhead console. In this case, the car’s VIN and location are transmitted to Volkswagen’s roadside assistance.

This new top-of-the-line automotive technology competes with the absolute best available in the U.S. The new VW Jetta and VW Passat in Tacoma and their owners will benefit from this amazing technology. It not only enhances safety and comfort, but makes driving easier and more relaxing. Read My Review On Porsche Cayenne vs Macan